where the Tyskie beer has been brewed uninterruptedly for four centuries

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Visit the Brewery!

Watch how be brew Tyskie and dive deep into the beer stories.

We give you access to an architectural jewel and a modern brewery, where beer has been brewed uninterruptedly since its establishment in 1629. That’s where the Tyskie and Książęce beer recipes were developed.

You will discover the fascinating history of Tyskie Browary Książęce and the incredibly strong multigenerational relationship between the local community and the Brewery. You will get a chance to admire historic photos of generations of brewers recreated on murals, including one of the biggest ones in Poland.

In the Brewing Art Centre, you will use your senses to experience what goes into creating good beer and explore the sensory profiles of the Tyskie and Książęce beers. The Beer Laboratory awaits you with various artefacts and best types of raw materials. You can literally touch the brewing craft here.

The historic brick cellars of Tyskie Browary Książęce house the Pod Browarem pub, where the tour will culminate with a presentation of the right pouring techniques and tasting of the Tyskie Gronie from the Brewery, freshly brewed merely a few meters above the venue.

The store located on the Brewery premises offers branded souvenirs from the world’s most popular Polish beer brand, while the Pod Browarem pub provides fresh Tyskie Gronie from the Brewery in a stylish swing-top bottle.

Night-Time Brewery Tours!

Visit the Brewery at night
and enjoy some extraordinary attractions:

  • Evening outdoor show
  • Contests with prizes
  • Snacks and Tyskie straight from the Brewery
22 July 2023
5 August 2023
19 August 2023
2 September 2023 (tours after 10:00 PM)
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Zobacz linię rozlewniczą!

Tyskie Browary Książęce jako jedyne w Polsce
zapraszają do obejrzenia rozlewu piwa

Poznaj szczegóły

Price list and tour terms and conditions

- Dwie trasy wycieczki -


  • do 60 minut
  • Warzelnia/Fermentacja/Zabytkowy Browar


  • do 90 minut
  • Warzelnia/Fermentacja/Zabytkowy Browar+ Butelkownia/Puszkownia

- Ceny biletów -

Na wycieczki od wtorku do czwartku -10% od podanych cen dla klientów indywidualnych


  • Bilet normalny 49 zł
  • Bilet ulgowy 44 zł
  • Grupa pow. 20 os. 46 zł/os


  • Bilet normalny 59 zł
  • Bilet ulgowy 54 zł
  • Grupa pow. 20 os. 56 zł/os

Opłata językowa stała cena : 10 zł/os

Golden Ticket

  • 900 zł*

* Wybierając Złoty bilet możesz zaprosić grupę do 10 osób lub zwiedzić Browar sam/a

  • The Brewery tour takes about 50 minutes. It is led by a guide and requires booking in advance.
  • Tours are available from Tuesday to Sunday between 12 PM and 6 PM
  • The last tour begins at 7 PM

Tyska Szkoła Degustacji 99 zł/os
Tyska Szkoła Degustacji z foodpairingiem 199 zł/os

  • Min.8 osób/ max.14 osób

The Pod Browarem pub is open:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – between 3 PM and 10 PM
Friday, Saturday – between 3 PM and 12 AM

  • Buy an e-ticket

    Buy a ticket

    Even when there are no tickets available, taking a tour might still be possible – call 0048 724 144 511

  • Call

    0048 724 144 511

    from Tuesday to Sunday
    between 12 PM and 6 PM

  • Send an email

    with a question about the availability of the term
    to the address:

Read the tour terms and conditions Here.

Visit the Brewery!

Explore the unique location where we brew the world’s most popular Polish beer.

Things to see in the Brewery

It’s not just a brewery… it’s a village, considered a cultural heritage of Poland, Silesia and Tychy. It’s where people brewed beer, worked, gave birth, prayed, played and lived. Tyskie Browary Książęce encompasses the history of many generations – families that had built a unique community within the Brewery premises.

Tyskie Browary Książęce has its own streets, pedestrian and car traffic, and the buildings have specific functions. The properties located on the “old” side are entered into the register of historic monuments.

Brewery Affairs

Check out the upcoming events
Visit the Brewery
and switch to TY with us

Check it out.

Come and enjoy

Zwiedzanie jest dostępne od wtorku do niedzieli
w godzinach 12:00 - 20:00


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