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The Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM.
The last visiting tour starts at 5 PM.
The pub in the Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce is open at the same hours.
Read the tour regulations here.

  • By buying an e-ticket

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    No tickets available does not mean
    no possibility of sightseeing,
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  • By calling
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    from Tuesday to Sunday
    between 10.00 and 20.00

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Read the tour regulations Here.

Type of tour Regular Group > 20 persons Discount*
Visiting the Museum and the Brewery PLN 25 PLN 23 PLN 20
Visiting the Museum or the Brewery PLN 20 PLN 17 PLN 15
Guide in a foreign language (ticket plus surcharge) ticket price + PLN 5 ticket price + PLN 5 ticket price + PLN 5
Książęca School of Tasting (visiting ticket plus surcharge) ticket price + PLN 20 ticket price + PLN 20 ticket price + PLN 20

* children at ages 3 - 16 (museum only), youth, students, pensioners, disabled persons, upon presentation of an ID card. Children under 3 years of age are admitted free of charge, only to the museum and under the constant care of an adult.

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School of








School of

A visit to the brewery and the Museum is combined with workshops during which a Cervesario, or a beer expert, presents the art of beer tasting. One of the elements of this art is tasting techniques that allow you to discover depth of taste and a variety of smells in the beverage. Tasting includes three types of Książęce beer: Ciemne Łagodne, Czerwony Lager and Złote Pszeniczne (3 x 0.2 l).

Participants of the Książęca school of tasting also visit the brewery and the Museum. Apart from beers available from the Książęce collection, at the end of the visit they taste the freshest 14-day Tyskie Gronie beer.

You can book a visit with the Książęca school of tasting
from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.*
Price: visiting ticket + PLN 20

Did you take delight in beer knowledge and would like to deepen it?
Then take part in cervesario workshops.

* Visiting with the Książęca school of tasting is intended for groups over 10 people. Individuals are joined in a group, and if there are not enough people at a certain time, we suggest a classic tour or another date.

and tasting workshops

A cervesario is a beer expert and taster, who knows the secrets of beer and fully appreciates its unique taste and aroma. He has extensive knowledge of brewing, sensorics, history and styles of beer and knows how to pair appropriate beer with a meal, perfectly pour it into the right glass and serve it. He also tells delicious stories with a beer note in the background. His show is a real feast for the body and the soul.

Beer workshops with a cervesario is an offer for those who want to take delight in connoisseur knowledge. During the nearly two-hour meeting with a cervesario, or a beer expert, you can learn about interesting beer types, the art of tasting and pairing the glass with beer and the beer with dishes. Expertise combined with interesting facts will turn you into a real beer expert!

Cervesario's show consists of 5 simple steps:

  1. beer facts
  2. art of glass selection
  3. art of tasting
  4. beer styles
  5. production, history, facts

We can arrange a date for the evening workshops for groups of at least 15 people. Please contact the reception desk. Cervesario workshops combined with a visit to Tyskie Browary Książęce are a great gift idea. You can buy vouchers in the museum shop voucher regulations.

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"Come to see how that beer's brewed. We'll show you everything, talk to you and show you around the brewery. Guides dressed in traditional Silesian costumes talk about the brewery in the Silesian dialect. A Silesian tour is a journey from grain to beer, along the trail of the Silesian dialect, stories and anecdotes. The offer is addressed not only to native Silesians who want to hear their own chit-chat, but also to all those interested in the uniqueness of regional customs.

Tours in the Silesian dialect can be booked from Tuesday to Sunday during Museum working hours.


Those who visit gain knowledge! Eco-tour is the most instructive walk around the brewery, during which you can see how every day genuine ecological effects are achieved conscientiously and systematically. The visit agenda is extended by technological knowledge and pro-environmental aspects of the brewery's work. Eco-tours are mainly open to students of specialist faculties, as well as all those interested in ecology and everyday brewery work.

Ecological visits can be booked from Tuesday to Sunday during Museum working hours. Please set the date in advance to ensure availability of a guide with specialist technological knowledge.

A lot is going on!

See the upcoming events in the Brewery,
come and get on a first name basis with us.

Check it out.

So when are we goingy
to get on
a first name basis?

Tuesday - Sunday
1000 - 2000


Soon, we’re opening
for you anew!

Due to the ongoing revitalisation work, Tyskie Browarium
(Museum and Visitors Centre of Tyskie Browary Książęce)
is closed until further notice.

We apologise for the temporary unavailability of the facility,
however, we are sure that the final effect will be amazing
and will give you unforgettable impressions.

As from January, we are cordially inviting you
to our Pod Browarem pub, where, in the exceptional interior
and intimate atmosphere, we will become friends while enjoying
the excellent taste of fresh Tyskie beer from the Brewery
and of other types of beer from the rich offer of Tyskie Browary Książęce.